Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Upgrading your current team for the future.

What would it be like if you had a full staff of number-one players on your team? What would it be like if everyone was able to do everything you needed done every day? What would that be like? What would you do with your extra time?


During the second half of my career, I continued to develop leaders. I over-hired great talent. I found born leaders and developed great leaders. I continued to build a team whereby any substitution would fill any position on any given day of the week. At first my intentions were selfish to build a strong team that would perform at the highest standards possible all the time. Then I realized, it would be great to continue this pattern, not only to help my area, but other areas in the company as well. All the areas, districts, and regions would always compete to see which group is the best, which area or district would out preform one another. Then I came to realize, we all win when we are all the best. That is the thinking of any major corporation.


I recently had one of my team members report back from an assignment in another division. He came back excited to be home. He made so many great observations for improvement for me to share with the division that would make them greatly successful. He was exhausted from the hard work and constant training during the week, and he was grateful to be home in a smooth working atmosphere again running like a beautiful cruise ship. What I took from his conversation, he was happy to share what he learned with others, he was able to give great feedback that would help, and he loved what he does for the company.



When developing leaders, we think about how the company will look one year from now, five years from now, and who will provide us business services in our old age. I speak a lot to so many individuals every day. I constantly teach, train, and motivate individuals to do more. So much more that the future is so bright they come to work with a purpose. A "Constant Cadence of Accountability" has helped skill up leaders to perform better, enjoy what they do every day, and gain a larger view of what the company does, not just for profit, but for the community and more. I found out the more the team knows about one another's responsibilities, they not only perform well, but they want to do more. When the time comes for promotion, there wouldn't be any more "Peter Principal Effects" (when an individual takes on the role of a position before they are ready), but the company would never lose a step in its continued succession planning.

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